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Tamari Varietal Malbec

Intense, rich bouquet of blackcurrant, vanilla and spices with a surprisingly delicate taste.

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Costaross Prosecco

An extra dry young wine, exciting and perfect for all occasions.

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Why we are proud to be different

Some wine companies will contact every vineyard and sell every wine that they can and as a result they would only know the information on the label.

At Friends of Wine, we do things a bit differently…

We visit every vineyard and taste the wines, at the same time taking in the beautiful surroundings that give each grape variety its unique flavour. We speak to the wine makers and learn about their different ways of producing the wine and their local customs.

Only when we have done all of this would we ever consider stocking the wine. Because of this process we only ever sell a range of excellent wines from our most trusted suppliers. As a result of this, we have an extensive and in depth knowledge of every wine we sell and you can be sure to have a great wine that you and your friends will enjoy from the first sip.

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